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Large Entertainer Trays


Roth's Entertainer Trays have been tested and loved by chefs for industry use! Now they're available direct to you. Our extensive range allows you to design your own Gourmet Banquet.

Indian Banquet- serves 40+ people- Instructions:

Order - 1 x Chicken Tikka, 1 X Butter Chicken, 1 x Lamb Rogan Josh, 1 X Vegetarian Curry; add desired number of Naan or Garlic Naan (in Everyday Meals)- you then add your own freshly cooked rice, condiments and pappadams! Voila!

Our Trays

Our trays are large, industry quality trays sealed using cutting edge technology. They store neatly in the refrigerator ready for use at your convenience. These trays can be heated in a microwave, steamer or oven. The trays are also recyclable. Our Entertainer Trays fit 2 to a box and are delivered fresh with an 8-10 day refrigerator shelf life.

Directions for use:

All trays are labelled with ingredients, nutritional and product information, and heating instructions. Keep refrigerated between 1 and 5 degrees Celsius. As a guide when microwaving: the first step is to prick lid with fork, then place in microwave as directed. As a guide when using steamer or oven: the plastic lid film will need to be removed prior to heating. Always use care with hot trays, and carefully read and follow the labelled instructions.

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Our food is not only available for home delivery, but for industry customers too.