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About our Dinner Party in a KISS Pack:

  • Premium Dinner Party Range
  • KISS PACK - Award Winning Innovation
  • Straight-to-Plate Packaging
  • Freshly Cooked and Packed Meals
  • Ready in 2 ½ min
  • A true Gourmet In Home Dining Experience
  • Your next Dinner Party Made Simple
  • Watch our VIDEO!

Dinner Party Meals


Combine market fresh, quality ingredients with our Executive Chef's passion for food, freshly cooked then snap chilled, add a mountain of convenience and you have our Dinner Party Meals. Delivered, packed in our KISS Pack - award winning innovation. Watch the video.....then add to cart!

Award Winning!

The KISS Pack won the Innovation Challenge at the 2012 "Lunch" Trade Show in Sydney. With this brand only new to the marketplace, we were thrilled with the win and also the reception of this new product. The innovative packaging, combined with our superior quality food, is the winning combination.

Using our KISS PACK:

KISS Packs are fresh packed, straight-to-plate microwave meals. They store neatly in the refrigerator ready for use at your convenience. To prepare, the first step is to prick lid with fork, then place KISS pack in microwave for 2min 30secs. Once it's done, let it stand for 1min, then place on the plate and pull tab to reveal your meal. Place the used package in the recycle bin, then eat and enjoy! So easy! KISS Packs come 7 to a box and are delivered fresh with a 7 day refrigerator shelf life.

More information:

All meals are labelled with ingredients, nutritional and product information, and heating instructions. Keep the meals refrigerated between 1 and 5 degrees Celsius. Always use care with hot trays, and carefully read and follow the labelled instructions.

Available For

Our food is not only available for home delivery, but for industry customers too.